When a relationship is beginning, when you move from just dating as single people, to becoming a unit of some sort, there is usually a lot of laughter, a lot of fun, in the relationship. This is the romantic stage of a relationship where both of you are high on love and life, and it is a lot of fun just being with each other.

However, as the relationship grows, it tends to deepen and the whole feeling of being on drugs starts to wear off. This is the stage where the need to be individuals starts raising its head again, and the power struggles begin. This is the time in every relationship where the fun, the playfulness, and the laughter starts to take a back seat. The spur of the moment play, the spontaneous laughter erupting at odd times, become progressively less frequent. The extra element of safety that comes with a steady relationship acts as a damper on the human brain in the matter of playfulness.

Most people think that fun, intimacy, and laughter are natural, so they should be left to the natural circumstances of our lives. This, however, hardly ever works. As daily stresses pile on, as we get more and more involved in work, in our other pursuits, we tend to take our relationship, and our partner, more and more for granted. We drift further and further apart from our old, playful selves. So, it is imperative that couples give it time and attention. They need to address this issue with their conscious mind, and make a conscious choice to create time for fun, and play. Schedule fun. This may seem like a strange concept, but it works. Most of us are so busy that we really have no time for fun on a day-to-day basis. And if we can schedule time to be with friends, kids, and for work, why not for fun?

Laughter and play are important for the mental health of anyone, at any age. People who laugh more and have more fun are demonstrably better off where mental, as well as physical, health is concerned. Set goals to fit in at least five minutes of laughter, rolling on the floor, out loud guffaws, every day. Find some way to induce a good dose of laughter and play into your daily life, as a couple. In addition, try some fun recreational activity or do something playful with your partner at least once a week. Get out, do something uncomplicated and fun, go on a date. Try to spend at least half of your total leisure time on couple activities, things that you can do together. Playing together, and having fun together, is important for your individual mental health as well as the health of your relationship.

Laughter releases endorphins, your body’s natural pain killers, and it gives you a high. It is also a great way for you to connect to your partner on another level. Take a few days off every once in a while and go have a fun vacation. Do whatever it is that makes you feel connected and brings in fun and laughter to your equation. Find something that you both enjoy, but haven’t had the time for in a while.

Laugh at yourself. Whenever you find yourself taking yourself too seriously, give yourself a mental shake. Look at the two of you, and the situation, as an outsider, and find the humor in the situation. Choose to laugh instead of getting upset.