First off all let’s get this straight: I love video games. I love to play them, watch them, and study them. When I beat a game I feel like I have conquered the world; or I won a great war. Either way it feels great. I find it incredible how long it takes to make games JUST for our entertainment! I just love the challenges in games. I can play games all day and night!

Second? I love money. Money has MANY advantages…. as you are well aware. But how can you make money and do your favorite thing in the world? Hmm….okay, I’ve got it!

How about becoming a game tester! Ah there we go!

As much as I loved and needed to earn money, I hated working at my last job, it was hell. I worked in a bakery, and it was not as cool as it seems…

I woke up early just to do nothing but clean, stock and paperwork.

However, after doing a bit of research, learning key things and taking action, all I do now is wake up with a huge grin and come to work, sit down in a chair and play the newest video games!

Yeah, that’s right. I said “play” for work.

What else sucks? Waiting months for a game you can’t wait to play… well as a game tester I am the one able to play it to test out how it’s going to be. As a game tester, you don’t have to wait! You’re the one that is going to play it first!

Imagine this: you are the envy of your friends, and you will get to play games for free. Imagine testing out Bioshock before it came out… Well you can do that except with other games that haven’t come out yet!

The only “job” part of the job? Check for bugs, glitches, and see if there is any thing wrong with the game itself. What’s so hard about that? Exactly; NOTHING.

You get money handed to you while you enjoy life by doing the thing you love doing… gaming!

Before this job, I had barely any time to play. Then finally I did my homework, and ever since I have been loving life. Yes, it sounds corny, but it’s honestly true.

I have been getting paid more often, and I am having fun at “work!”

Oh? I didn’t tell you how much you get paid? Well how does $80 an hour sound? Money, games, and chicks (if you play your cards right.)

The best part is that anyone with a passion for gaming can do it!

Yes, that means YOU, too! Take action now, start earning tomorrow!