So, you have finally decided that you are going to ride the Podcasting wave and launch your own Podcast. There are number of Podcasters airing their shows these days. Many more are coming up every day to join them. But this fact should not stop you from beginning Podcasting. You should have no fear of competition because the potential of Podcasting is immense and there is still lot more to be done.

Podcasting has become so easy today that you need not be a genius or a hard core techie to start Podcasting. With anyone entering the fad, many of the Podcasts available are nothing but junk. Do not be afraid of the competition. Just try to produce quality that will help you stand out among the quantity produced by the crowd. In the process you will be able to create a crowd of fanatic subscribers, who will provide a new dimension to your Podcast.

Choosing the Right Topic

Make a list of the subjects your interested in before starting your Podcast. Here are few tips on how to add more topics to this list. Think about the things that you do during your free-time. Also think about what you spend most of your money on. Note down the movies, music, TV shows, games, political parties, philosophies, books and religions that are interesting to you. You will see that your list start to grow. If a particular topic interests you, possibilities are that it will be of the interest to some other people also and they will listen to your show. After listing the topics, you can pinpoint a theme and topic for your Podcasts.

Visiting Podcast directories is a great way to get potential topics. ‘How to Start a Podcast’ has a large list. This can be very helpful and give you some brain storming ideas. Visiting them will also tell you how many people are interested in your particular topic for a Podcast. There may be a lot of competition in it or there may be no competition at all. However, you need not worry in either case. More competition just means that you could have a huge listening base of subscribers.

During your research you might also download some shows of different Podcasts that you find interesting. Analyze them carefully and make notes about what you liked and didn’t like about the existing Podcasts. If you’re starting with a topic that already has an established subscriber base, then you may consider choosing a Podcast topic that will complement, rather than compete with them.

Start your own Podcast and ride the wave by taking advantage of the latest technological trend and have some fun at the same time.