For your email marketing campaign to be a success, it is imperative that your emails pass the spam filter test. After putting so much time and effort into creating email copy, it’s a complete waste for your campaign to fall through simply because the email you created was blocked by a spam filter. Keep in mind that sometimes spam filters end up blocking even legitimate emails just because these emails unknowingly contain certain issues that trigger off the spam filter.

To avoid such a situation it’s best to be aware of what will and will not make it through spam filters. Here are some tips to help prevent your emails from being tossed into the spam mail category:

1. Avoid using toxic words

Certain words are toxic as they are instantly viewed as spam words by filters. Words such as ‘Lottery’, ‘Free’, ‘Sale’, ‘Discounts’, ‘Loans’ and ‘Million Dollars’ should be avoided at all costs. These words will ensure your emails are blocked. You should avoid using such words in the body of your email and the email’s subject line. Basically, give these words a complete miss and make sure that they do not feature anywhere in your email.

2. Keep a time gap between sending bulk emails

When you send email messages, try and ensure a suitable time gap between bulk emails. If you send emails at varied time intervals there is a greater likelihood that your email will not be categorized as spam. If you send emails one after the other, or with really short intervals, it is likely that your email will pass the spam filter but end up as junk. This is not what you want, so try and keep a suitably long time gap between sending email messages.

3. Limit your graphics

Try and limit the number of graphics used in every email. A lot of webmail services do not allow images to be automatically viewed. Excessive use of graphics in your email messages will ensure your email copy is blocked. For this reason, it is advisable to use a template that is not very complex. Also, try and create email copy with plain text where ever possible.

4. Keep your list clean

Keeping your list clean is extremely important. You should make an effort to clean your list on a monthly basis. This means you should get rid of subscribers who have opted to unsubscribe by deleting them permanently from your list. While cleaning your list also be sure to remove all those addresses that have bounced back. Cleaning your list is advantageous as it reduces the risk of your emails being black listed by Internet Service Providers. Also, when sending email messages make sure you chose a well reputed and trustworthy email marketing platform. An email marketing platform that is well recognized and trusted will result in your emails passing through spam filters much more frequently.

Use the tips mentioned above, strictly avoid spam words and go ahead and create successful email copy.