We all face a crossroads in life where it is put up or shut up and retire. I only have to start with this: If you are serious, get good!

I repeat: if you are serious, get good or get out of the game you are trying to play. For as Yoda in “Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back” says: There is not “try”, there is just “do”. Reality comes down to what we actually do, not what we try or attempt.

When I think about reality, real living is more than a boast or an attempt. Real life is pure doing. In short getting good instead of consistent potential that never gets genuinely realized. In fact, consistent potential success without fulfillment of that potential is the ultimate mental and spiritual block in life. “I could have”, “I would have”, “I should have” is the epitaph of every loser. Every winner is, “I did it” and that is it. Why do you think or postulate in your consciousness those three sayings and realities of losers do not count, while that direct one response from a winner does count totally? It counts because it is fulfillment instead of unrealized potential sitting in a garage like a prized and beautiful car that never gets driven and just sits in a garage with great potential for speed or saved wealth that never gets enjoyed and goes ultimately to someone who does genuinely enjoy it and live with it.

“I would have”, “I could have”, “I should have” instead of the reality of “I did it”. That is all it comes down to, and if you want to get to I did it, you or anyone must use their potential to get good genuinely.

I did it is the King Harvest, I would have, I could have, I should have is the eternally unrealized and wasted seed. I did it is cold, hard cash being spent in for your benefit by you. I would have, I could have, I should have is like the checks and Double Eagle thousand dollar coins that sit in the safe or deposit box and never get cashed or benefit anyone.

My only message in this article is get good, step up, work your dream into reality actively. Because the real bad is unused potential, not so much losing at your attempts to succeed. For, even if you miss there is another shot as long as you are alive, breathing and working with a chance! Get good as long as you can practice and attempt (Until you succeed or are satisfied personally with your efforts).