With the cost of web designers increasing and some of us on fixed budgets, it often helps to find some deals online that aid us in building a website to get our information out to the public. One of the best ways to save money these days on web design is to use a free website template where all you really need to do is type in your information and upload to your hosting account. Why spend hundreds or even thousands on a web designer when you can download a free web template in minutes?

Most if not all website templates come with free header graphics, free website images and even free icons. Since the colorful web template design you may have chosen is already intact, putting together your  website can take less than a few hours. As well, this saves a great deal of money from having to hire programmers and web designers to build your site, and nowadays, most of them are using free website templates anyhow.

Looking up “free web templates” on any search engine will lead you to some sites that offer a few designs to some that have nothing but free designs. The most popular ones online are the ones labeled “free artistic templates”. Be careful though as some sites that are labeled free may try to trap you into paying for a design without you realizing it until you send in your information, optin to their mailing list and get sent to a payment page. Any real free site will be truly free and you shouldn’t have to sign up to anything. Now, choosing a web template may be more difficult based on variety.

Prior to searching for a website template for your personal or corporate use, you should have a color scheme in mind for your website. You should also know if the website should be contemporary, old fashioned or funky. Get a good idea of the layout as well. Did you need columns on either side or possibly just a header and a footer? Knowing all this prior to your search will make your decision a lot easier when scrolling through page after page of web templates.

There are of course those sites that offer totally free web templates and are built mainly to get free web designs to people like us (novices) so that we become better at building our own sites in hopes that one day we buy a larger template from one of their designers… or even offer our own!