Sistema per giocare a win for life is one of the most complicated lotto games. Not only the rules are quite convoluted, but also, the manner of playing the game really needs a lot of understanding. Although the probability of winning is similar with that of any other lotto games being played in the United States today, it is still unfeasible for someone to grab the top prize if he will not learn the game properly by heart.

Managed by Sisal, which is an Italian company that operates privately and exclusively for gambling and gaming purposes, this type of lottery was born in September of 2009, and in less than one year, it already became a huge hit around the globe, especially in the United States. People started to patronize this kind of game, maybe for one reason that it set a new trend in the gaming industry. But another reason maybe is that the prize money that anyone can win is actually of a higher value compared to other major lotteries out there.

The complexity of the game, however, did not bother players to continue betting their odds. But instead, a lot of people expressed more their willingness to learn the game painstakingly. Sistema per giocare a win for life lottery has indeed become an instant hit, but still a misconstrued phenomenon for many.

There are three different ways on how this game is being played. The first one is the Oz game, in which you can avail two types of tickets. The first type is the normal ticket that allows you to pick ten different numbers out of twenty and one number that will serve as your numerone. If your lucky ten picks came out during the draw plus your numerone, then you win the jackpot prize. The second type of ticket has five panels or five sets of ten numbers, and you can play all of these at once.

Another way to play this kind of lottery is by purchasing a Quick Pick ticket, in which a computer is responsible of the ten-number combination and the numerone for you. This type is popular, especially among people who are betting high their odds with lady luck.

The third way of playing this game is the Gioca Facile. In this method, a person can avail lottery tickets that are in sets. What is interesting about this method is that all of the tickets can be played for the entire week already. Each ticket has a corresponding game for the day, and if the person does not win on one ticket, his bet continues with another ticket on the following day. A lot of lotto players like this method because they can save a lot of money in buying the game tickets.

Sistema per giocare a win for life has millions in store for its players. However, the cash prize is not awarded in full to the winner, but through instalments for twenty years. In addition, if there are more than one player who guessed the correct number combination for a particular draw, the cash prize at stake will be divided equally among the winners in the same mode of disbursement.