Forty thieves solitaire is a game that requires a lot of skills and experience as it is a bit difficult as compared to other forms of Solitaire. It is played with two decks of cards and has a total of eight foundations which has to start with an Ace. The player builds up foundation in suit by moving cards, one at a time in the 10 stacks to create a suit in descending order or can play directly by stacking cards on the foundations. The different aspect is that the player can place any card on any space. Since its aim is to have all on the foundation, the game is over when the player has used up all stock cards and is not successful in placing all the cards on the foundation.

40 thieves Solitaire is old and popular and was played by some of the world famous people. At the start, the player deals out the cards, appropriately called 40 thieves in ten piles with all of their faces visible. The other cards are available in the form of stock and turned over one at a time on the waste pile. It has a basic foundation but with a number of variations with slightly changed rules to make them easier to win. For lovers of the game and those who are up to a challenge, there are a number of Internet game sites that offer the forty thieves solitaire and related versions. They can play online or may download it and play at their own time and convenience.

There are basic strategies that players can use to win at 40 thieves solitaire. The player needs to make low-ranked cards available as they need to go to the foundation before the others. Avoid covering them as much as possible. Create empty piles as much as you can as this will enable the player clear up the pile and reveal cards. This is facilitated by the game which allows the player to place any card on the empty piles. While they do this they need to be careful with filling the empty files as they can be used to finish a number of operations. The rule always is filling the empty piles when it is necessary.

The other strategy that can be used is to conserve singletons because it is easier to move them as compared to moving a build of cards. This will allow the player to easily reach card that are beneath them. When it comes to split-piles, the player needs to be careful not to add cards on to such piles as it will block them making it difficult to play both sections of the split builds to the foundation all at once. Though it requires the player to move the cards one at a time, players can use empty piles to move in suit builds and can also use them to reduce cards on the waste pile.