The preparation phase is necessary in order to avoid disappointment. Pause a month from playing lotto and prepare yourself for a shift to better play. Probably you have not yet tasted the real and deep excitement when you start your fight for changing things. I did it and I know how it is. We tend not to accept to change so easily. But I assure you that when you really start to change even a small bad thing regarding money and old concepts about lotto, all of your financial hardships and every other desperate lacking feeling you have around money, begin to make a quick exit one after another.

Believe it or not, but you have the power to create abundance in your life, if you are willing to be active in this sense of course. Eliminate gradually your old negative thinking and feeling system, and try something completely new. One of the many other possibilities is your lotto system. From this day on, look at it as an easy possibility to make money. Go to the very root of what is influencing your feelings of financial challenge, eliminate those old thoughts patterns about lotto, and replace them with the following exercise below, and you will see before your eyes that everything changes fast.

1} Choose positive new thoughts Instead of:” Never I have enough money “, start to repeat:”I am in the process of making plenty of money”. Instead of holding the concept that lotto is rigged, change it by:” There is not any reason to rig the lottery”.The core of your struggle with money, comes from that one place which you never thought to look into. It comes from that inexperienced yet source inside of your mind. Every experience of financial misery, came from the root cause called “Never I have enough money”. Whenever you follow any idea, in your head, after these two magical words “I am”, you will manifest exactly what follows. And what follows, comes from your beliefs located in your subconscious mind.

2) Keep this secret for yourself. When you begin to tell to the right and left sides, about your intention to make money from lottery, you lose your secret and your ability to realize it. No one will encourage you. Remember, you do not need to request approval from anyone. Stay strong on your feet and decisions.

3) Impress your subconscious mind with the conviction that you are going to succeed. The key consists by shifting out of any poor pattern of thinking and having emotional confidence and consistency. At the beginning you may be overwhelmed with financial despair, and you will not truly feel what it is like to be financially free. It is okay to continue affirming positive statements and to pretend you are doing better and in reality you do not so good. In this manner we begin to clean our thoughts. Whenever you are first shifting out of any old habit, it will take a while until you can feel the good change. Soon, there will come a day and believe me, it will come fast, when this technique will not be just of a mechanical aspect, and you will feel the true abundance. Then you will have full access to connect with the feeling of financial freedom. When you stop infuse your consciousness mind with disturbing thoughts and you will feel completely free and convinced, then you will naturally arrive to abundance domain. And then you will start to play lotto again.

4) The big secret is revealed. All financial issues, not only the reference to lotto field, come from a negative and fearful thought, or a thought that sounds similar to it:” I never have enough money”. Most likely your mind has been fixed up it, with your own confusion that might sound something like this: “I have to work hard to get some money that never is enough for basic needs”.

Every day for the next month, I invite you to check inside of you, how you feel about your relationship with money. Be honest with yourself and explore just how much you have awakened from your situation around being poor. Be patient with yourself. I ate this sensation. You will need to sleep, breathe and eat the feelings of “I am in the process of making plenty of money” before you will start manifesting it in the physical world.

When you first open your eyes in the morning, take these precious moments to turn your attention to what happens within you and hold the visualization and feeling for as long as you can, “I am in the process of making plenty of money.”. When you deeply consider that you are prepared, and are visualizing what happens within you, you will know that, naturally you shape shift for your finances and now you will be able to attract plenty of money from lottery. It will happen in a way that will surprise you.