It takes a lengthy consideration when it comes to designing the toys and gifts for the little ones. Clothes, bedding, furniture, etc. are the fundamental products necessary for the babies. However, toys and games give them the opportunity to get an education at a young age. In fact, they help in the baby’s all round development. They benefit in the fine development of a child’s language and motor skills. In addition, cognitive thinking evolves in a child with the help of toys and games for babies. These days, a variety of baby gifts and toys are available online in a variety of categories and at various price ranges.

While some parents find it convenient to have a gift registry, others may not be aware of its efficiency or consider it non-traditional. Nevertheless, special occasions call for equally special gifts. Here are some popular gift choices, which are down-to-earth in their appeal yet valuable in so many ways:

Baby Socks Shoes: A combination of baby booties and infant socks, the sock-shoes are the cutest new trend in toddler fashion and thus, they make a lovely gift for all occasions. They keep the baby’s feet clean and warm while acting as a style-enhancing accessory every time he or she puts them on. Available in a blend of a variety of baby-friendly fabric, the sock-shoes are easy to wash and dry. In addition, they are extremely comfortable since they come with insoles.

Plush Toys: Teddy bears, fluffy dogs, bunny rabbits, giraffes, stuffed toys are known to the best companions of a child right from his or her infancy. However, it is also a known fact that soft toys are not quite safe for infants, because of their dust-attracting quality. Babies who are in their teething stage are the most endangered. Therefore, buy plush toys for a kid only if he or she is three years and above.

Infant Play Gyms: They are ideals gifts for kids aging three months and above as they keep them active and healthy. These activity gyms are fun, comfortable and extremely relaxing as well. They come complete with detachable soft toys, rattle and teether, which keep the baby engaged for a long time. The baby can move around easily, reach for the toys thereby allowing him or her adequate exercise. With a soft mattress attached to it, these infant play gyms are easy to maintain and store.

Educational Toys: The benefits of educational toys are plenty. Besides being fun, they encourage active and healthy development of the baby. As a result, his or her language and motor skills, cognitive thinking, emotional development and social skills develop in a tremendous pace. Moreover, the bright colours, musical tunes and the cute designs catch the fancy of every child. Manufactured with the sole aim of happy growth of the little ones, these creative and innovative varieties of learning toys are available online as well.

Silver Keepsakes: Gift items made of silver are classic presents for the baby, which also serve as adorable keepsakes. They last a lifetime, even after the baby is all grown up. Some of the popular choices of silver keepsake include, silver rattles, photo frames, jewellery set with the baby’s birthstone, feeding set, etc. Other than that, first tooth and curl storage box, hand and footprints and piggy banks are extremely adored silver keepsakes for babies as well.

Fashion Accessories: Cute hair clips and headbands, funky jewellery, adorable caps, hats, ties and suspenders, etc. make lovely gifts, as they are perfect for special occasions and everyday use.

Personalised Gifts: They are the perfect way to express your affection towards someone, especially if it is a little baby at the receiving end. They even make cute keepsakes to be cherished for long. Silver and wooden items are the most popular choice for personalization. However, these days, it is easy to customize any gift with the help of a professional. Picking suitable gifts for babies does not end at buying something, which will keep it cheerful and entertained. It certainly requires a little extra thoughtfulness, and accompanied with that, a better understanding of what is best for the baby.