How often do you play video games? Most people choose to play video games in their free time and some people actually have jobs that consist of playing video games. In this day and age the most popular video game consoles are the PS3, Xbox 360 and Nintendo Wii. All of these consoles can give you great entertainment. They come with many genres like fighting, adventure, sports, trivia and war games. Start playing today and see what an experience these consoles can bring!

PS3 made by Sony entertainment comes with Blu-ray capabilities. It has a Blu-ray DVD player built into it and its video games are made from Blu-ray discs. This system also has Wi-Fi so you can play online against people all over the world. One of the most popular online games is Call of Duty. One cool feature about the PS3 is that it allows up to seven controllers applicable at one time so you and all your friends can play each other. PS3 is the first system to ever have this ability. This system cost about 300 dollars in retail stores. You can also find great deals online.

Nintendo Wii is the most popular system on the market. It allows you to play games as if you were physically playing them in life. A game that gives you this experience is Wii Sports. Several sports like boxing, baseball and bowling are played on this system. It is proven that Nintendo Wii is the most family oriented of all time. Nintendo Wii cost about 250 Dollars in retail stores and you can also find them online.

Finally Xbox 360 made by Microsoft comes with internet capabilities and a long list of games. It features really good graphics and multimedia music capabilities. “Xbox is one of the greatest video game consoles of all time.” One cool feature that it has is the ability to download arcade games, game demos and Windows media. The Xbox Live service allows you to play online with other gamers. You can find this product online or in retail stores for about 250 dollars.

It’s time to start gaming today with these cool systems. You can’t go wrong with some great entertainment. Just sit back relax and have some fun!