Child psychologists and experts in children behaviour, throughout the world, are looking at increasing problems of misconduct and hyperactive attention disorders. Parents are concerned about the manner in which children are behaving in the present day scenario. Real issues of children are being swept under the carpet, on the pretext that children behave in a rustic manner at their age. Even though these might be troublesome for parents, yet they are too possessive about their kids and tend to overlook the wrong doings, which might lead to serious misconduct in the later years.

It is essential to check the behavioural patterns of the kids and teach them etiquette skills before their pre-teen years. Most experts say that this is the perfect time for the kids to learn new things and their brain is receptive to various ideas. The issue here is to make their minds receptive to ideas by presenting them opportunities and giving them the chance to analyse themselves. This can be done by letting them work in unison with other kids, where they will come face to face with what others are doing. In company of other kids, if the right atmosphere is created, then children can be made to learn various other things, which otherwise wouldn’t have been possible in their solitude.

Realising the importance of such a concept, many organisations and community centres are coming up with ideas of combined classes of various types. They are providing a wide range of activity opportunities for the kids in the community centres or in play schools. Voluntary organisations are also participating in the conduct of such sessions. Parents are vibrant about such topics and are eager enough to get their children to such events. Surprisingly, they keep a keen eye on the conduct of such sessions, where they can bring their children and let them learn etiquette skills.

The idea in the organisation of sessions for the kids like outdoor birthday parties or modern dance classes is to help them learn while playing. But the primary aim is to let the children see others in their age group and learn to behave properly when in group. Sessions like cooking classes for kids and modern dance classes are aimed at bringing a disciplined approach when working in group. It helps in developing communication skills and observation. Patience is another aspect that is touched during these occasions. While making moves or steps during the dancing lessons, kids are not only learning how to dance but they are getting used to have patience and discipline. They are following a routine by their free will because it is a way of learning something and that too in an interesting manner.

Outdoor birthday parties are also a way of developing social communication from a young and tender age. If the children are allowed to do a balloons party place, they learn to cooperate with each other, despite of becoming funkey monkeys, but come up with a constructive result at the end of the work. Such moments are useful in establishing a feeling of pride and achievement, which is essential to the growth of the child in an encouraging environment. It has been marked by parents that such activity participation have made their children more disciplined and cooperative in their home also. Paying attention to the elders and added concentrations in the studies is also a fruitful result. There is an overall growth in such sessions and therefore parents are taking their children to such group activities with enthusiasm and hope.